Activist Training

Each year around this time, we learn about the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. and others, like Rosa Parks, who contributed to the Civil Rights Movement.  Although social justice practices are ongoing, this time of year is an opportunity to hone in on activism. I’ve always loved putting together . . . Read More


This post was written by Mindy Bender-Webster while teaching our summer Pre4/5 class.  Our teachers are highly skilled with using children’s literature to not only learn about the content of the story, in this case the life of Aretha Franklin, but also weaving it into our ongoing work with social . . . Read More

Family Traditions

This post was written by Erin Kelly, our Preschool 3s teacher.  She describes how she invited families to share their family traditions around the winter holidays and is an exceptional example of inclusion and honoring diversity. Our winter break is upon us so I wanted to say an extra thank . . . Read More


 On Monday, June 19, the Seed will be closed in honor of Juneteenth for the first time in the school’s history.  Now a federal holiday, Britt Hawthorne describes it as a day “to commemorate the day that enslaved Black Texans in the U.S. were finally free.”  It’s the longest Black . . . Read More


This post was written by Emily Cleveland, our Toddler 2s teacher.  It’s a wonderful example of what social justice looks like in our younger classes.   There have been a lot of big feelings when it comes to needing space, sharing, and taking turns. We decided to do a spur . . . Read More

Remember Me

This post was written by Deb Hopkins, our Preschool 4s teacher. Remember me Though I have to travel far Remember me Each time you hear a sad guitar Know that I’m with you the only way that I can be Until you’re in my arms again Remember me –Remember Me . . . Read More

Organic Conversations

This post was written by Gabryella Behnke, our 1st/2nd grade teacher. Last week, I had the privilege of leading a staff meeting that focused on what social justice and social-emotional learning looks like in the 1st & 2nd grade class. The lead teachers have taken turns presenting their practices and . . . Read More


This post was written by Mindy Bender-Webster, our PreK lead teacher. Preschool-age children often connect to others through physical touch. They may sit closely to a friend while looking at a book, hold hands in the hallway, playfully push during a game of tag, or share an affectionate hug. Therefore, . . . Read More

Among Other Humans

This week I’ve had the opportunity to observe our three youngest classes as part of our annual teacher evaluation process.  Additionally, we had another teacher presentation from our professional development series featuring classroom practices.  These experiences, as well as more time doing playground supervision, gave me plenty to write about.  . . . Read More