Promoting Social Justice

In reflecting on my own social justice lineage, I sometimes find it challenging to separate my own journey from the school’s.  An event that occurred, which certainly shifted my commitment to social justice work, was George Floyd’s murder in May of 2020.  This was the blog I wrote the week . . . Read More

Where Gandhi Sat

To be fully transparent, I’ve had trouble focusing on my work this week.  It’s not that I haven’t tried, my mind is merely elsewhere.  I made a list of upcoming projects to inspire concentration, and still my attention wanders to faraway beaches on the Arabian Sea, and brightly colored clothing . . . Read More

Talking Makes a Difference

Continuing the reflection about the Seed’s social justice lineage, I found this post about Elsie Moore in the archives.  One of the most important lessons we all learned from her was the value of a continuing conversation about race and social justice.   (reposted from the Awakening Seed general website, . . . Read More

Girls with Dreams

A practice I’ve started recently is reflecting on my social justice lineage.  One of the most important figures on my list is Dr. Elsie G. Moore.  Here is what I wrote about her in 2022.  (re-posted from Awakening Seed general website, 2.24.22) I first met Elsie Moore in the late . . . Read More