This post was written by Emily Cleveland, our Toddler 2s teacher.  It’s a wonderful example of what social justice looks like in our younger classes.


There have been a lot of big feelings when it comes to needing space, sharing, and taking turns. We decided to do a spur of the moment kindness lesson during snack.

We read the book Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller. The book talks about how one small act of kindness has the power to spread across the world!

We talked about what kindness looks like in the classroom. Here’s what they came up with in their own words:
– “Don’t fight over toys. Just play!”
– “Be patient.”
– “Don’t run away when someone is talking to you.”
– “Listen.”
– “Share.”

I was impressed that they were able to come up with these on their own. After our quick lesson, one friend blurted out “I love you, Emily.”  This showed everyone else that our kind words can make such a positive impact, too.

These toddlers are amazing! I am confident they will help make this world a better place with their kindness and love.