Where Gandhi Sat

To be fully transparent, I’ve had trouble focusing on my work this week.  It’s not that I haven’t tried, my mind is merely elsewhere.  I made a list of upcoming projects to inspire concentration, and still my attention wanders to faraway beaches on the Arabian Sea, and brightly colored clothing . . . Read More

Talking Makes a Difference

Continuing the reflection about the Seed’s social justice lineage, I found this post about Elsie Moore in the archives.  One of the most important lessons we all learned from her was the value of a continuing conversation about race and social justice.   (reposted from the Awakening Seed general website, . . . Read More

Girls with Dreams

A practice I’ve started recently is reflecting on my social justice lineage.  One of the most important figures on my list is Dr. Elsie G. Moore.  Here is what I wrote about her in 2022.  (re-posted from Awakening Seed general website, 2.24.22) I first met Elsie Moore in the late . . . Read More


We’ve been practicing social justice at the Seed since we first began in 1977.  Granted, our students were very young and there were just a few of them, but even in those early days we talked about saving the planet and being kind to each other.  Children made bumper stickers . . . Read More